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Wish you had lessons on how to outline, edit, create stories, learn grammar concepts, and grasp new (and lifelong!) vocabulary tools? Wish you had lessons for all of these things AND videos to go with the said lessons? Wish these lessons were fun and easy for students to grasp—possibly even taught in a directed format by an author of over fifty thousand pages and one hundred curriculum books?

Well, you must have rubbed the right magic lamp—because you have stumbled upon Character Ink Press’ new Membership Site with all of those things at your fingertips! For the months of August and September, you can join this site (while we are getting it off the ground and starting to add to it!) for only $10 (for six weeks!).

Yep, our inexperience in this type of site (not in writing or teaching!) is your benefit. As we add to it over the first six weeks, you will have the opportunity to utilize everything that is there (and everything we add during this time) for only $10 total.

(Future prices and monthly/yearly memberships will be unveiled in October—no auto renewal will be done. You will have the opportunity to re-join in October, if desired!)


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